Cauliflower Ceviche

  • 4 cups riced cauliflower 

  • 6 limes

  • 3-4 tomatoes 

  • 1/2 white onion 

  • 1-2 fresh jalapeños 

  • 2 medium avocados 

  • Salt and garlic powder to taste 

You will need: 1 large mixing bowl, cheese grater 

  1. Begin by grating your cauliflower head to equal about 4 cups of riced cauliflower.

  2. In a large mixing bowl combine the cauliflower, tomato, onion, jalapeño and mix well. 

  3. Juice your 6 limes and add lime juice to the mixing bowl. 

  4. Place in refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

  5. Dice avocado and add to the ceviche. Serve on tostadas or with tortilla chips. 

*Tapatio hot sauce goes really well with this dish. 

*You can also find already riced cauliflower at Trader Joe’s to save you that step

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