Burrito Bowl

Prep Time: 30 mins

Cook Time: 0 mins




▫️1 large can of jackfruit

▫️2 tbsp liquid aminos, tamari or soy sauce

▫️1 tsp taco seasoning

▫️1 large lime

Other ingredients:

▫️1 can black beans

▫️1 can corn kernels

▫️1 green bell pepper

▫️1 red bell pepper

▫️1 avocado

▫️1 TJ’s frozen brown rice bag

▫️Cilantro to taste

▫️Salt and pepper to taste

1. Open can of jackfruit, beans, corn, drain and rinse. Shred jackfruit and dry with paper towels.

2. Add liquid aminos/Tamari/soy sauce into a bowl along the juice of 1 large lime, taco seasoning and jackfruit. Mix well so jackfruit is well marinated.

3. Marinate jackfruit for at least 10 minutes or overnight for best results. Warm-up jackfruit in microwave for at least 1 minute before serving if you prefer it warm (I do).

4. Heat frozen rice in microwave for 4 minutes. Dice your bell peppers and avocado while rice is cooking/jackfruit is marinating.

5. Add all ingredients to a bowl and serve with your favorite hot sauce or salsa ❤️

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